CME Priority Frequent Travel Program

The CME Priority Club travel discount program is designed for frequent travelers of Colorado Mountain Express

Reserve award travel by phone, 970-754-7433

CME Priority Club rewards you every time you use Colorado Mountain Express or CME Premier. Leave your car at home and take us to DIA or Eagle Airport. Save on gas, save on parking and save money as a CME Priority passenger

  • Every time you ride CME shuttles or CME Premier, you'll receive credit in your CME Priority account for use on your future trip. You will earn 20% of a trip's value in reward points for every trip booked with a CME priority account
  • Your CME Priority status gives you advantages, including early notice of special promotions and sales
  • Share your CME Priority account with friends and family visiting you.
  • Get prioritized today and start saving for travel.  Every ride with Cololorado Mountain Express brings you one step closer to a complimentary trip!

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