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About CME Priority Club

 What is Priority Club?

CME Priority Club is a frequent rider program for guests of Colorado Mountain Express. It rewards CME riders with points based on dollars spent on transportation with CME. Points can be used toward future travel on CME and CME Premier. Accounts are intended for individual use.

What are the benefits? As a CME Priority guest, you, your immediate family and your friends will earn a point for every dollar spent on CME.  Points are redeemed on a 5:1 basis. You receive 20% credit in your CME Priority account for use on a future trip. As a member, you will also receive news of special promotions, and service updates. An opt-out option is provided if you do not want to receive CME offers and news.

How do I join? You can sign up on line at https://www.ColoradoMountainExpress.com/loyalty-program

 If you prefer to sign up by phone, please call 970-754-7433 (SKI-RIDE). To avoid a long wait, call between 1:00pm and 4:00pm MT.

Is there a membership fee? This program is free.

Earning Points

How do I earn points? You simply earn points by riding CME. Points are earned based on how much you spend. $1.00 = 1 point.  Points are earned on all travel except reward travel, travel on gift certificates, and company travel accounts (RRTP Accounts), and travel booked through 3rd parties. Points are earned on the fare after any applicable discounts are applied. Points are not earned on gratuity.

How do I know how many points are in my account? Balances can be checked online by entering your Rider ID# and clicking "Login”

When will I see my most recent CME travel as a credit to my Priority Club account? Points are added after travel has been completed. Balances are updated on the 1st  and 15th of each month.

Do points expire? Points are valid for three years from the date on which they are credited to your account.

Will I earn points on a reward trip? No.

Can I get credit for past travel on CME?  Yes. You may receive credit for past travel if you were a CME Priority Club member of record as of November 1, 2014.  Any travel that you paid for during that time period can be credited to your CME Priority Club account.

What happened to my Priority Club points that I earned before November 1, 2012? All points were transferred over and multiplied by 5. The value is equal to the balance in the past system.

Redeeming Points for Travel with CME

How do I redeem points for future travel? Points must be redeemed for travel on CME shuttles and private car services by calling 970-754-7433. The CME Priority Club account must have a minimum balance of 200 points/ $40 before you redeem points.

Can I redeem points for past travel? No, travel that has already occured cannot be refunded with points.

How many points do I need to redeem a reward trip? The number of points required for a reward ticket varies according to your departure point and destination. 5 points are redeemed for $1 travel. 

Can I redeem a reward trip with a discount or promotion? No, reward travel is based on full retail price travel.

Is a credit card needed to hold a reservation even if my travel reward will cover the entire trip’s cost? Yes. Credit card information is required to guarantee the reservation.

If I make a reservation using points, and have to cancel, will my points be credited back to my account? Sometimes.  CME’s standard cancellation policies and fees apply. If cancellation is within 24 hours of travel time, the points will be lost. If the reservation is cancelled outside of 24 hours of travel time, the points can be credited back to your account, but there is a reduction of 25 points per person

Reservations Instructions and Other Details for CME Priority Club Members

Can I reserve online? When making a reservation for CME travel, enter your CME Priority Club number and click 'log in' before entering your travel details. This will pull up your account details and the reservation will automatically earn points. If this is the first time logging in, click  the "Create/Reset Password" link.

Can I redeem points for award travel online? No, To book discounted or free travel on CME using your points, you must reserve by phone. 970-754-7433 (SKI-RIDE)

What can I do online? You can sign up, save personal information such as pick up location and preferred method of payment, check an account balance, view past travel on CME and see future reservations.

Can I reserve by phone? Yes. Call our reservations department to reserve. Before giving travel details, please provide your CME Priority Club log in to the agent.

Can I redeem points on discounted travel? No, you can only use your reward points on full retail fares.

Can I redeem points for a one-way trip? Yes, you can redeem points for a one-way trip. There must be a minimum of 200 points in your frequent rider account for any redemption.

How can I use my rider points to upgrade to CME Premier? Yes, as long as you have a minimum of 200 points in your account, you can use the value of your points on any CME service.

Can I combine miles from two accounts to claim a reward? It is not possible to combine points from two separate accounts.

Can I purchase additional points? No. But points can be redeemed for a partial credit as long as there is a balance of at least 200 points /$40.

Can I redeem points for cash? No. Points have no cash value.

Can I pay to extend the validity of my points? There is no point extension available.

Can reward tickets be refunded?  Yes, if cancelled outside of 24 hours of your travel time. Please call reservations and the frequent rider points will be credited back to your account at a cost of 25 points per person. 

Are there blackout dates for award travel? Yes. Peak travel weekends around the Christmas/ New Year holidays, Presidents' Week, and other peak travel times may be blacked out for travel rewards.

Can I share my points and rewards with others? Yes. You will be required to book travel on behalf of the recipient.

Can my friends and family earn points for me? Yes.  You can share your CME Priority Club ID with immediate family members and friends to earn points for you.

Members participating in the CME Priority Club program are subject to the terms and conditions of the program. Members who violate the terms and conditions and/or the intended purpose of the program are subject to forfeiture of their Priority Club membership.  CME reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.  Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for gift certificates.

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